Digital Terrain Models

  • Bald Earth DTM with optional transportation features (bridges, overpasses, elevated highways)
  • Derived from WorldView-1, WorldView-2, and GeoEye-1 stereo imagery
  • Created from edited breaklines, masspoints
  • Available for all terrain types - including dense urban and forested areas
  • Web-based delivery

Technical Specifications: DTM

Vertical Accuracy

25-30cm observed relative accuracy depending on ground control. 1m absolute accuracy LE90


1 meter

Horizontal Accuracy

4.1 meters CE90

File Type

GeoTIFF format; contours and breaklines available in shapefile format


Customer defined


Exploration and modeling:
  • Seismic surveys
  • Geological mapping
  • Hydrographic mapping
Asset placement and design
  • Facilities
  • Distribution lines
  • Roads
  • Cell towers
  • Dams
Land management
  • Drainage analysis
  • Flood plain analysis and modeling
  • Wetland management
Visualization and simulation
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Line of sight analysis